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Saturday, January 30, 2016



Ho ho ho hokeh~

This is the very first entry for 2016..
January is coming to an end.. In fact, tomorrow is the last day of January 2016.. How time flies..

Nothing much to say actually.. This entry is written and posted so that I have something posted on January 2016.. Haha!

But I have to admit that this year starts with a good news for me.. Alhamdulillah.. One of my short stories (entitled WiFi Rumah Sebelah) has been chosen to be published along with other short stories and mini novels from other writers.. You don't know how happy, touched and thankful I am while reading the email from the publisher..

Sad to say that I can't share much details right now as it is still in the early stage.. Once everything is confirmed and done, I'll share the info with you guys.. I do hope that you guys will support me :)

ps: pardon my English.. haven't used it for quite some time.. hoho..

Thank you,


  1. Hi sis suha!! long time no see.

    1. Hi naressa! long time no see.. Like, SERIOUSLY.. sy memang dah lama tak aktif kat blogger sejak privatekan blog beberapa bulan lepas.. ni baru publickan balik..

      ada akaun apa2 yg boleh contact tak? fb dah lama tak jumpa.. twitter ke, emel pun takpe.. tak nak lost contact in case memang takkan aktif kat blog lagi dah lepas ni :(


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