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Monday, February 08, 2016



I bet many of you didn't see this coming.. Neither did I.. I was never; I repeat, NEVER fond of werewolf dramas/series/stories.. I don't know why.. Mainly because I think that it is impossible, absurd and nonsense that someone can be half human and half wolf.. But speaking of nonsense, I do watch zombie series/movies.. Well, zombies are no different than werewolves, the zombies are also kind of nonsense but strangely I can still bring myself to watch them.. So, I don't really remember the exact reason I dislike werewolf..

But that was then..
And this is now.. *play Part of Me song please.. Haha :p *
Okay, I'm not saying that right now I LIKE werewolf stories but thanks to Wattpad, I now give werewolf stories a chance.. Haha..

 Here's the chronology;
- I signed up to Wattpad account on August last year but after that I was not active
- towards the end of last year, out of boredom, I opened the Wattpad App and started reading the synopsis of a few books. It didn't surprised me that MANY of the stories (based on the synopsis that I read) are like our stories. I mean, the stories here in Malaysia. [Please note the synopsis that I read are from the writers of other countries eg. India, Australia, England, America etc].. I'm not being judgemental.. Many of the stories I added to my Library as I am really eager to know how they execute the stories.. And another reason is because the stories are in English..
- so that was when I stumbled upon a werewolf story.. The synopsis is short, simple and makes me curious on what happened to that girl.. And another reason is because that story only consists of 15 part which is considered short..
- I was telling myself; OK, this is it, a werewolf story, a short one, you can get through this.. Just read..
- anddddd I think I was lucky enough because I am able to accept and digest the story.. After finished reading the story, I talked to myself; not bad.. Therefore I started reading another werewolf story.. After a few werewolf stories, I must say that I noticed the plot 'cliché'ness and just don't care.. All I want to see is how the writer execute the stories..

Sometimes all you need is just a CHANCE.. And I must say I didn't regret giving werewolf stories THE chance.. Who would know that after reading the werewolf stories, I got an idea from it? Noooo I'm not going to write a werewolf story (at least not for now :p ) But the imaginary light bulb in my mind was triggered with something.. Hehehe..

With that, I thank you :)

ps: pardon my English again, please.. I think I'm infected by the English stories that I read on Wattpad and that is why I posted the entry in English.. Bhahaha~ *poyo gila*

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